itPBX – the single roof platform for VoIP, cloud back and IT solutions

business VoIPNowadays all of you must have heard about VoIP technology, technically known as voice over internet protocol. This is the latest invention of our modern science to replace our old day’s conventional landline phones and also our cellular phones as well. VoIP technology offers a lot of benefits and thus many companies are working on it. One such company is itPBX, which can be called as a giant in this industry and today we will discuss about the different services about their VoIP technology.

itPBX mainly offers three different types of services, business VoIP, cloud backup and IT support. As communication is one of the most important parameters towards reaching the needs of business, at itPBX, all of their employees give their full efficiency in order to ensure the fact that you can communicate with your customers in a crystal clear way. This plan has got many different features like call recording, call reporting, voice mail, VMX locator, ring groups, phone directory, call spy, dictation and lot more. There are also three other business plans, i.e. small business pro, business advantage and enterprise business. All of these three plans include cloud PBX, free numbering, unlimited calling, voicemail to email, shared call appearance, HD music on hold, etc., but for the second plan you will get recorder greeting and Conference Bridge as an extra feature. While the third plan also includes silent call barging and team presence. Apart from business solution, it also offers VoIP telephones utilizing the SIP technology. ItPBX also offers internet phone service and under this technology you can use your business system from anywhere in order to impress your client as long as you are connected to an internet connection. You can also avail voice response system from itPBX if you are running a call centre.

Data is the main thing to run a business and hence it needs to be protected. The best option to ensure high security date protection is the cloud based system. Apart business VoIP solution, itPBX offers cloud backup service which includes plans like big backup quick start, unlimited backups, software support for multiple OS, continuous data protection, support for Linux, Unix, Oracle and MySQL, VMW are technology, Hyper-V, Microsoft exchange store for full database backup, email reports, configuration for important and essential business file retention, 256 bit AES encryption, bare metal backup, system state backup and last but not the least flexible scheduling for on-site and offsite data backup.

IT consulting and support are itPBX’s another service and it is assured that their staffs will do their best to serve your company by telling the right plan which suits your business. Under this category it offers several services like IT consultancy to determine the IT need of your business, maintenance service to help your business during technical failure, 24×7 monitoring to keep track of your business, project management to maintain the approach of your IT solutions and the most important full IT support for your business starting from the planning stage to the last point of IT maintenance. So, with all these features and available service it is sure that itPBX is going to be the most trustworthy partner for your business.


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